11/365: January 11, 2015

We try our very best to stay unplugged when playing with Audrey. That means no TV, no ipads/iphones or computers. Which means a lot of singing and reading books.

Dear Zoo is a book from my childhood and when I saw it I had to get it for Audrey!
Audrey is already starting to learn how to lift the flaps in this book. It just amazes me how much she is learning in such a short span of time.


11/365: January 11, 2015

5 thoughts on “11/365: January 11, 2015

  1. I love that book, also from my childhood, haven’t seen it in stores though and my brother has our old copy. We try to stay unplugged as well (well i do, my husband doesnt like to miss his hockey/football), hard to keep the cell phones away though because we don’t have a home phone.


    1. Thanks Jennifer! 🙂

      I hear ya. We don’t have a home phone either. Though I heard in case of emergencies 911 cannot locate you based on a cell phone but can with a landline – so have thought about getting one! They are just so expensive for never using them! Also, not sure if you’re from Canada? But if you are, then you’ll understand my next comment. 🙂 I got the Dear Zoo book from shoppers drug mart. I saw it while shopping one day. (People from states don’t have Shoppers Drug Marts)



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