23/365: January 23, 2015

Today we had a nice visit with my brother-in-law, Keith and my niece, Kate. We were suppose to go swimming today but when we got to the pool they notified us that swimming was cancelled! So, we decided to check out skating at the Evergreen Brickworks instead! Despite all the travelling back and forth, Audrey did so well today!

Kate was so stinking cute on the ice today.


Since I had Audrey with me, we didn’t go skating and went for a little stroll around the area. I saw this installation called 100 Modes of Transportation. I absolutely loved it! So you get two photos today as I couldn’t decide on which one to post!


23/365: January 23, 2015

11 thoughts on “23/365: January 23, 2015

  1. Love both pictures, I like the shadows and that you see just the feet in the skating picture, and black and white works perfectly with it. I also really like the second picture, beautiful.
    We took Catherine out on the ice in her stroller, and she loved it, although I think my husband had more fun pushing her.


    1. Thanks so much Jennifer!! 🙂 You really know how to boost my confidence! Thanks so much for always taking the time to comment on my pictures! It means so much to me!! 🙂

      Also, I had no idea you could take the stroller out on ice!! We do have a massive stroller though – maybe I’ll try it with an umbrella stroller.


      1. Well youre very talented and thats the whole point of the project 365 to connect and encourage each other, also I’m a stay at home mom with a husband who works lots of overtime… I have time on my hands haha A family friend rented out a rink not sure if it’s allowed everywhere and we have a bulky graco stroller. Hate it.


      2. Thanks so much Jennifer!! 🙂 Honestly, being a SAHM is not easy!! How do you have time on your hands?? The only time I have to myself really is between 7 and 10pm. I am lucky if I get one chore done each day. Lol. I am up late tonight – yikes! – need to head to bed now! Haha.



  2. Love the framing on the first one! And b&w really works with that picture. In love though, with the light in the second one. You really succeeded in capturing the movement of the installation, amazing depth.


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