28/365: January 28, 2015

Wednesdays are swimming days with Audrey. I wanted to take pictures of my friend’s babies and Audrey today, but I forgot my camera in the car on our way to the pool! 😦

So I had to find something else to photography today. While Audrey was napping I went upstairs to try and take pictures of the beautiful sunset today but was disappointed that trees were in my way. I took a few anyway. To my surprise they didn’t turn out so bad. At least I don’t think so. (Also, don’t mind my dusty windows, again this was taken in a construction zone within my house. :))


28/365: January 28, 2015

8 thoughts on “28/365: January 28, 2015

    1. Right?! I was so mad at myself for forgetting it!! I even ran back into the house to grab it bf leaving!! It also sucks bc my girlfriend is going back to work and I really wanted to get a photo of her and her daughter before that. Must wear camera around neck at all times. Even when driving. Lol.


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  1. I love the muted tones on this one. I think the dust actually makes a really interesting effect on the picture.

    But… swimming lessons probably would have been cuter. Forgetting your camera is the worst. My failure is usually remembering to put the memory card back in after I upload to my computer, so I’ll drag my big camera and the bag all the way out somewhere, pull it out, and realize that it can’t record the pictures. Ugh.


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