59/365: February 28, 2015

Last day of February. Wow. Time is flying by.
I went to visit my friend Gemma today – she lives in the Beaches area of Toronto and since the weather was nice today we went for a walk down by the Beach to check out the warming stations.

There are 5 in total but these are my favourite two. My favourite being the snow-cone one with the colourful plexi glass.


A close up of the structure:


Inside the snow cone


The swings.
The swings are made of seatbelt material.


59/365: February 28, 2015

58/365: February 27, 2015

I know I talk a lot about Audrey’s sleep habits but big news.
Last night Audrey slept from 7pm till 7am. She cried a bit at 10 and 2 (less than 30 seconds) and put herself back to sleep. I chose to dream feed her at 10 and 4 (since I’m already up anyway!). I really really hope tonight is the same (fingers crossed). Thanks for all the advice ladies! Sleep training was really hard and heart breaking but I really believe it was for the best for her (and my sanity).

Other news is that I left Audrey at the daycare at the gym. This was my first time leaving Audrey with complete strangers. Everything went well for the first 55 mins but she had a melt down in the last 5 mins and as I was approaching the daycare I could hear the screaming. Audrey has a VERY loud high pitch scream so I felt terrible that they had to deal with this. I might give it another shot – I just wish there were other kids/babies there to distract her.

We have also discovered that Audrey loves playing in the laundry basket.


And here is a photo I took of her and her grandpa this morning.


58/365: February 27, 2015

57/365: February 26, 2015

Wanted to change up the subject for today’s picture – so I used the prompt {twist} from Clickin’ Moms.

There’s this really neat ball of twigs in my in law’s foyer.


But Audrey felt left out and wanted to be part of the photoshoot today. 🙂 I wish I got her hand in focus but she hates tummy time. So I couldn’t get her to stay in this position for very long.


57/365: February 26, 2015

55/365: February 24, 2015

Brendan and I decided to sleep train Audrey last night. Let’s just say it was a rough night. I think I might have cried more than she did. So I was feeling a little down today and didn’t take too many photos.

On a more positive note, I went to the gym (sans Audrey) for the first time! Audrey was also clapping along to “If you’re happy and you know it.” I wish I got a picture of it but every time I pulled out my iphone she stopped clapping.


55/365: February 24, 2015

53/365: February 22, 2015

Great news!
Audrey only woke up a few times last night. She was in bed by 7, woke up at 10:30, then 3:00 then 7am. Big improvement from waking up every 2 hours!
So we decided to head north a bit to the Vivian Forest Trail (just north of Markham) for a morning hike. I must say, the sled we bought Audrey was probably one of the best things we have purchased for her!

It was so peaceful. The snow was falling and the scenery was gorgeous – pictures just don’t do it justice!


So that tree branch really bugged me so I decided to photoshop it out. How did I do?


My In-Laws, Jim and Penney.
My In-Laws, Jim and Penney.

vfwalk copypjdonevanvfwalk2 copy

53/365: February 22, 2015