32/365: February 1, 2015

Normally we give Audrey baths every other night. So today wouldn’t be a bath night, but we had another accident on the change table!

Audrey enjoys baths, so it was great news for her. Truthfully, so does Brendan. It’s daddy-daughter bonding time. After her bath, Brendan handed her off to me to change. She was wrapped up in this cute Kitten towel and my bathrobe, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.

She’s lying on the change table in the picture below, if you were curious as to how I shot this photo. A sweet calm moment amongst her squirming and kicking. I said to Brendan the other day, changing Audrey is like trying to change an octopus.


32/365: February 1, 2015

11 thoughts on “32/365: February 1, 2015

  1. Just saw your showcase article on Click it up a Notch and wanted to stop by to say “hi!” Your work looks great and I love the natural light and warmth of your photos! You can “feel the love!” I’m also doing my first 365 project so I’ll be excited to follow along on your journey! Wishing you all the best in 2015!


    1. I tried clicking on your link but it’s broken. Do you have a website that you post all your images? Or just on instagram? 🙂 No worries. I can always follow along on instagram.


  2. I love how you use negative space in your photographs. This is such a unique perspective, not one you’d normally think of when you think of changing a baby. I love your unique perspective on things!

    Also, I saw your feature on Click It Up a Notch. Congrats! I loved learning a little more about you on there!


  3. I love your description of changing Audrey, Catherine is the same way, but now she manages to get up and walk away before I get her diaper back on… Love chasing a half naked baby.
    Such a cute photo, I love your eye for photos, it’s always something that I wouldn’t think of (or I might now because of you).


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