33/365: February 2, 2015

Raise your {hands} if you want some bananas.


Today was a very exciting day for me as I was featured on the “Have You Met” series on Click it Up a Notch. I am so very honoured I was chosen since there are so many talented photographers out there! The response I have received have been amazing and I just wanted to thank everyone new that have started to follow my 365 journey and the ones that have stuck with me from the very beginning. I started this 365 project not thinking I would have come this far in just a few months. As my husband, lovingly put it, “I thought you were going to do a lot worse than you are now.” LOL. In all seriousness, he has been my number fan and continues to support me in my photography endeavours and I feel so lucky to have him (and Audrey) in my life. It’s people like my husband, family, friends and the supportive Click It up a Notch community that keeps me motivated and validates this journey.

If you would like to read the interview you can find it here

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Now I must return to my screaming daughter who thinks I have abandoned her! Have a great day!

33/365: February 2, 2015

17 thoughts on “33/365: February 2, 2015

      1. Haha!! My friend thought it was a rice cooker at first!
        Yeah she is soooo small in it. I am so scared she’ll slip through if I am not watching!! There is a seat belt but it’s soo big on her.


  1. I love the light highlighting the back of her fingers. Very sweet picture. I had the same question about the chair as Jennifer, but when you said a “lobster chair” for some reason I immediately pictured her in a lobster pot and wondered how on earth you ever thought of that. Good thing you included the link! Ha.


    1. Thanks Deborah!!
      Lol. When I was trying to think of how to explain this chair. I thought easiest was to just give you guys a link to the chair and I couldn’t think of a better name than “lobster chair” haha.


  2. Angela | This American Plate says:

    Sweetest. Photo. Ever. Her well-focused hand, her slightly blurred smile and the lighting make this photo so relatable and smile-worthy. Thanks for sharing and good luck with Project 365.


  3. Really like the way you focused on her hand and let the rest of her blur with DOF. And yes, I read your interview on Click it up a Notch – congratulations! Wasn’t brave enough to throw my name in the ring 😉 Husbands are great – mine is my biggest fan and supporter too! Look forward to following your 365.


    1. Thank you very much!!
      It makes a big difference when husbands are huge supporters! When I didn’t first 365 – I didn’t involve him at all but now he asks to see it and follows me on Instagram. 🙂


  4. Carol says:

    I will enjoy following your 365 project – saw you featured on Click it Up a Notch. Nice to have a Canadian in this series. ( I just live an hour away in Kitchener.)


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