40/365: February 9, 2015

I was starting to get cabin fever so I really wanted to get out of the house today. It’s especially important this week, since it’s my last week in Toronto before I move up to Markham for the next three months. I plan on getting out every single day this week.

Today’s CMGlimpse prompt is “Love” and I immediately thought of this art installation in Toronto’s Distillery District. I am a huge fan of this installation.

It’s basically a big sign that says “Love with a heart” next to it and you “lock” your love onto the art piece. Similar concept to that of the lock bridges in Paris and Florence.

I had a picture in my mind that I wanted to take but turns out my lens is not wide enough, but I ended up getting this photo and I’m pretty happy with it. I plan on coming back in spring or summer with Brendan so I can put a lock on for us. 🙂


Here is what the installation looks like. It is constructed out of steel, steel mesh and reclaimed lumber.

Here are the instructions given on the sign:
1. Initial (the lock)
2. Lock
3. Kiss (your partner)
4. Toss the key
5. Share #DistilleryLove


40/365: February 9, 2015

7 thoughts on “40/365: February 9, 2015

  1. I love this, and I had no idea it was there! I’ve never been to the Distillery District though… I love both photos, the composition is lovely on both, but I’m very curious now what the picture you had in mind would look like. As always love the beautiful editing.


    1. Thanks Jennifer!
      The picture I had in mind was basically the second one but straight on and having that sign in the bottom left corner but tiny.. but there was a wall behind me so i couldn’t walk back further.


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