46/365: February 15, 2015

It got down to -41 today so we stayed in today. I hope the weather gets better in the next few days. So for the next few days you’ll get lots of pictures of Audrey et al. 🙂

I’ve mentioned before that we moved to Markham yesterday. Audrey DID not do well with adjusting on the first night. She refused to nap and woke up every 2 hours during the night and at 2am – she woke up every 10 – 20 mins until 4:30. So I was exhausted today. Brendan was so sweet and got up at 3 to try and put Audrey to sleep. He managed to put her to sleep by sleeping in the small twin size bed next to her. It was so sweet and I wanted to snap a photo but didn’t want to disturb them.

I did capture this sweet daddy/daughter moment earlier this morning. My favourite lighting of the day.

For those with toddlers/babies out there – when do they sleep through the night? I’m such a sucker and letting Audrey crying it out breaks my heart, so I haven’t been able to sleep train. Did you sleep train? If so how? Help!


46/365: February 15, 2015

13 thoughts on “46/365: February 15, 2015

  1. This photo is beautiful! I just LOVE it.
    It’s so hard in a new place, that’s why I hate going to the cottage she does not sleep! Honestly whatever works! We had a hard time because Catherine started walking at 6 and a half months! So crying didn’t work because she could stand in the crib and I felt so bad. Catherine still has naps in her bucket seat (because she stands up in the crib) Night time, she just started sleep through the night a couple weeks before she turned one. What I did before then was when she’d wake up she’s snuggle in bed with me the rest of the night and she’d sleep until 5am feed and sleep until 9am. I would lie her next to me my arm under her head and around her so I’d wake if she moved and I was really good at making sure my husband didn’t roll onto her. What we did to get her in her crib the whole night was when she woke up we give her a cuddle and put her back in the crib and rub her tummy or back whichever way she decided to lay down and we just wouldn’t let her out of the crib. One of us stayed with her the whole time singing or rubbing her back, and if she stood up we’d lie her back down, took two nights about 2 hours each. We don’t put her in the crib awake either… probably not the best habits, but I think crying it out broke my heart too and I just can’t do it and honestly all I care about is everyone getting a good night sleep. I read some other nice methods but they didn’t work for us.
    Good luck!


    1. That’s good (and bad lol) to know that Catherine just started sleeping through the night. I guess it’s because I was comparing Audrey to the babies in my July mom’s group on facebook as majority of their babies sleep through the night!
      I’m just dying for a night out without having to worry about her as she doesn’t take a bottle – so babysitting her is near impossible.
      Thanks so much for the advice. 🙂


      1. When you do get that night out it will be glorious! It sucks but every kid is different right, and every parent has their own opinions and ways of doing things, I just decided that I didn’t care what other people said about my parenting, whatever worked to get sleep was what I was going to do. Plus I only get a little baby to snuggle with for a short period of time. I found too at the beginning I slept better when she was in the bed, when I stopped breast feeding I wanted my own bed. Hopefully you’ll find what works for you!


  2. I think I was just over it by 8 months and had to let my emotional connection to her cries go – for night sleeps any way. I think in the end it took 3-4 nights, I always sing the same song before her night sleep so by 8 months she was content with this song and it would be as soon as i stopped and left the room shed be wide awake tantruming again. But I sung the song through once (away in a manger, so 4 verses long so that i don’t get to bored repeating the same words over lol) and then id leave, but stayed right outside her door. The first 2 nights would have also been very close to 2 hours, just singing and repeating the words ‘it’s ok Mummy loves you’ {which is now a sleep trigger for her also} and singing more and eventually she’d calm down and drift off – same would go if she woke during the night, although it didn’t take two hours, and if it was a normal time that’d I’d breastfeed her, then I would do so. I didn’t cut down the amount of milk until I had her sleep pattern sussed. NIght three and four quickly dropped to one hour then half hour, and by 7 nights she understood she can sleep without me. But like i said i just had to ignore the cries – if they got to extreme {starts coughing, gagging etc} then I’d go back in, lye her back down tell her its time for bed and mummy loves her, a quick stroke on the back before I’d leave the room again and start over. It is time consuming, but its great now! As for the frequent wakings, just make sure she isn’t sick. Perry woke literally every half hour from like 10-3 a few nights ago so i feel your exhaustion, all it took was me to give her a quick sip of water each time, but man! turns out she’s really sick now so makes sense now! Also being in the cold, and being soo cold – just make sure she’s not feeling it too much as being so young they’re way more sensitive than us – but I’m sure you’ve got that one under wraps anyway!
    Anywho!! hope that wasn’t too long.. I love the photo, I love the lighting. Do you use a filter/preset?


    1. Audrey is 7 months tomorrow – so maybe I have some hope? 🙂
      I’ve tried the shushing and the “it’s ok Mommy is here.” and singing and nothing seems to calm her until I pick her up and breastfeed her.
      I did turn up the heat in her room a bit and she did sleep for a stretch of 4 hours, but then it got so hot in there! So I have to find a happy medium. She was up every 20 mins to 1 hour after the long stretch.

      Re: lighting. Thanks so much. I enhanced the sharpness and also added a matte finish to the picture. I find I like the look of the matte finish with the lighting. I use actions in photoshop as I find it’s much easier. I use actions from Greater than Gatsby http://www.greaterthangatsby.com/. I usually wait until they have a big sale – like boxing day – it was 60% off. I find their actions the best.

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      1. Yeap theres hope yet, and you can blame anything else to make you feel better too lol teething, a wonderweek (more like months), wind … I’ll always find an excuse for why Perrys upset, i find it helps me to cope with the situation better, even if the problem doesnt get resolved!


  3. What an amazing shot. Just love it! Broken nights are hard. Pyke sleepy his first whole night a couple of weeks before his first birthday (and that was 2 weeks ago). We don’t let him cry, he just won’t stop. He can cry for 3 hours without stopping. So we just let go of the sleepingtraining part. If he wakes up we go to him and try to comfort him. If that doesn’t work we go downstairs with him for like half an hour or so. Then we are bringing him back to bed and he sleeps. Oh well. It will be over before he turns 16 I guess. Good luck!


    1. Thanks Kim. Audrey is the same. She can cry for hours without stopping and it escalates so it becomes even harder to put her back to sleep. I am thinking of letting go of the sleep training part as well. Especially since we are living with the in-laws. I feel terrible for letting her cry more than 5 mins bc she’ll wake my in laws up.


      1. I know, I was watching the weather report for Canada and then spoke to our friend in Toronto, agreed, Vancouver would ba a much better option. I think if we move back home we will go back to the west coast again instead of TO 🙂


  4. Wow. That is awful, both the weather and the sleeping. The shot is great, though!

    Every baby is different, and you grow and learn what feels right for you as a mother as you go along. Graham slept through the night much earlier than Colton, but their personalities are different and how I parent him is different since it’s not my first time around. I’ve tried staying in the room with them after they’re in the crib, the first few days laying down right next to him holding his hand and after that across the room on the rocking chair. Graham just wants to know I’m there, and I check blogs or surf the internet while he falls asleep. Its my compromise between crying it out and cuddling them all the time to where I wear myself out. It’s harder when they’re littler and nursing though, because you smell like food and comfort to them. So I guess I don’t have much advice except do what feels best for you and your family, and nap during the day when she does. It gets easier and this does NOT last forever. My older by is 4 and hasn’t woken up in the night for almost 2 years unless he’s sick. Good luck!


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