53/365: February 22, 2015

Great news!
Audrey only woke up a few times last night. She was in bed by 7, woke up at 10:30, then 3:00 then 7am. Big improvement from waking up every 2 hours!
So we decided to head north a bit to the Vivian Forest Trail (just north of Markham) for a morning hike. I must say, the sled we bought Audrey was probably one of the best things we have purchased for her!

It was so peaceful. The snow was falling and the scenery was gorgeous – pictures just don’t do it justice!


So that tree branch really bugged me so I decided to photoshop it out. How did I do?


My In-Laws, Jim and Penney.
My In-Laws, Jim and Penney.

vfwalk copypjdonevanvfwalk2 copy

53/365: February 22, 2015

23 thoughts on “53/365: February 22, 2015

  1. Congrats on the sleep improvements!! It is so hard. My LO sleeps through the night, and when she has one bad night I feel totally wrecked the next day. I have to admit I forget what it’s like to be up all night! Sleep will come – promise 😉 this picture is so awesome. I so miss the snow!

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    1. I keep hoping that when she turns 8 months (that’s in two weeks) she’ll be sleeping through the night.. Fingers crossed.

      Thanks so much! Snow is awesome.. sometimes. lol.


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