55/365: February 24, 2015

Brendan and I decided to sleep train Audrey last night. Let’s just say it was a rough night. I think I might have cried more than she did. So I was feeling a little down today and didn’t take too many photos.

On a more positive note, I went to the gym (sans Audrey) for the first time! Audrey was also clapping along to “If you’re happy and you know it.” I wish I got a picture of it but every time I pulled out my iphone she stopped clapping.


55/365: February 24, 2015

14 thoughts on “55/365: February 24, 2015

    1. Thanks Jennifer!! You are too sweet!!! I am loving your photos as well.
      Day 3 of sleep training! Yesterday was great but I’m worried that tonight won’t be good because she’s caught a bit of a cold.


  1. Sleep training can only get better, just don’t give up to soon x beautiful capture, again just love the lighting in your photos! Its awesome when they start doing new things huh! We’ve now got the hang of high-fives and how to pull a smile when asked {a very big cheesy smile at that}. You’ve got so many more proud mummy moments to come and attempt to capture! I’ve started doing a bunch of mini videos for all the cute little things since trying to capture them in a photo never works!


    1. Thanks!
      I’m still waiting to see her do her planks (aka trying to crawl.)
      I know it’s so tough. I literally sat there crying next to her crib I was so heartbroken. Last night was great. She didn’t make a peep. I went in to dream feed at 10pm then she woke up at 4am. Pretty good! I’ll take that over every 2 hours!
      I started doing one video a day and using that app 1 second a day. It’s pretty neat!

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  2. Love this! She is so cute the way she is looking straight at the camera, and I love the composition with the blank wall on the right and the kitchen out of focus in the back. Yet most impressive is your consistently perfect edit – all of your images are so clearly yours. 🙂


  3. This is a very cute picture. Love everything about it! Ditto what everyone has said about sleeping through the night! Wait until she is a teenager! Then you can’t get them out of bed LOL!


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