64/365: March 05, 2015

I have injured my back so I didn’t feel like running around taking a ton of pictures (mostly because I physically can’t run around or bend down). So I used The Beth A-Dilly Prompt today – {eyes} to narrow down what to shoot today. I only took a total of 11 photos today. I usually take about 100+ a day. So I didn’t have a lot to choose from. Luckily, I was pretty happy with the few photos I took today. Mostly because I love taking pictures in my in-laws’ front sitting room because the light in there is just perfect.

For once I was really happy with the picture SOOC (straight out of camera) but I always like to post process the photos. It’s just my personal style and feels weird not to do it!

Here’s the shot SOOC:


Post processed:


64/365: March 05, 2015

10 thoughts on “64/365: March 05, 2015

  1. What a fantastic shot! Her eyes are so full of wonderment 🙂 The big big world must seem so much more so to their tiny little selves. I love your SOOC, but I also love your style. It is very much your own which is so awesome.


  2. Ashley says:

    Great shot, she is such a peanut! I think your work is always so nice and consistent, do you usually take the same steps in your post processing?


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