65/365: March 06, 2015

Library trip today.

Someone is able to stand on their own. She’s starting to pull herself up but can’t quite get herself up yet. I have to put her in this position but she’s able to stand while holding onto things. She’s not crawling at all yet. Is this normal? She’s almost 8 months and not even crawling. 😦



65/365: March 06, 2015

16 thoughts on “65/365: March 06, 2015

  1. I love the colors in these, and I love the use of the bookshelves as negative space in the second photo. Her eating that book is priceless.

    I wouldn’t worry about her development at all. Every baby progresses differently and I’m sure she’s just fine. In fact, I’d be grateful if I were you. Things get so, so much harder once they’re mobile! Soak up the stationary days while you can. 🙂

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  2. Love the second one. The use of negative space is so awesome! I wouldn’t worry about her… Every baby is so different. Even when they’re siblings, Ivy and Pyke both did things differently and on different times… So… Just enjoy the “easy” moments while you can!

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    1. Thanks Kim!

      Haha. Yes I do love these moments – however all she wants to do is stand so it’s still pretty tiring holding her up all the time! 🙂


  3. Adorable daughter! My daughter (baby #2) is 9.5 months and just started crawling last week, so it’s totally fine if your little one isn’t crawling yet.


  4. Tess is number 4 and all mine were different, my oldest never rolled over and skipped the crawling stage, went straight to walking at 11 months. She is now 22 and a dancer ! 🙂
    If you are worried just mention it to her paediatrician, but so long as she has good muscle control, sitting, standing supported and all other milestones are relatively on course, nothing to worry about. She is absolutely beautiful x


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