66/365: March 07, 2015

Thanks everyone for spending the time to comment on yesterdays’ blog. I do feel much better knowing that Audrey isn’t developmentally behind. She is scooting on her bum and pulling herself up to standing. I think she’ll skip the crawling stage altogether.

Today was the last day of swimming in Toronto for Audrey. So I wanted to spend sometime in the morning to wander around our neighbourhood. I miss being able to walk everywhere.

I took some pictures of Riverdale Park, which is fairly close to my house in Toronto. This is also where I grew up. I remember tobogganing down this hill in high school. (I still think this is the best toboggan hill in Toronto!) It also has a great view of the city. And that tiny diamond you in your bottom left is where we use to play softball in the summer.


In the background, you can see a slide in the pool. A bunch of us use to pool hop and go swimming at night. I just really liked the pop of colour from the slide.


I thought the picture of the chain link fence was pretty neat!

66/365: March 07, 2015

7 thoughts on “66/365: March 07, 2015

  1. Great cityscape! I really like the perspective through the chain-link fence though. It reminds me of being a little kid and pressing my face up against fences like that watching a ball game or going to the pool or something.


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