71/365: March 12, 2015

Today’s prompt was {Negative space}.
I am a huge fan of using negative space in pictures, so loved today’s prompt! 🙂

I’m finding it harder to get pictures these days. Maybe because Audrey is such a busy body these days and finding less and less time/opportunity to captures photos. I’m also finding myself exhausted by the end of the day, so I apologize if I don’t respond to you ladies in a timely manner.

I also think we might have hit a sleep regression tonight.. oh boy. 😦 After so many peaceful nights as well. I really hope it isn’t so!


71/365: March 12, 2015

13 thoughts on “71/365: March 12, 2015

    1. It’s so tough because Audrey is so active these days and she’s down to two long naps now and one short one in the afternoon. In between I try to just lie down and breathe! I’m finding the 365 a little challenging now bc she’s in a very needy stage where she always wants to be held.


  1. Lovely capture! I’m with you dear Surry. Sleeping issues, theeting, moodiness… It’s hard… 😦 Somedays I haven’t even visited a blog I normally visit daily. Oh well… We’re all mommies! Hang in there!


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