76/365: March 17, 2015

Unfortunately, Audrey isn’t feeling the greatest. She has a cold and I suspect a sore throat. She barely napped this afternoon and she’s been waking up every 10 – 20 mins. So I have to keep this short and set up the bed to sleep in her room tonight. 😦

My nieces were over for dinner today as today is my birthday. I turned 32 today! Here’s a picture of my niece, Reese. Everytime she comes over she needs to take a bath with Audrey. She just loves it. She’ll say something along the lines of “Audrey looks dirty. She needs a bath. She loves taking a bath with me.” Too cute.  Well, Reese is right. Audrey does love taking baths with her cousins. Today Reese was blowing bubbles and Audrey was giggling so much!


76/365: March 17, 2015

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