83/365: March 24, 2015

Well I am feeling a little bit better but still have an annoying cough! But I did get some sleep last night and so happy to say Audrey slept from 7 – 7 with one dream feed at 10pm. I am hoping for the same thing tonight.

My brother came up to Markham to pay Audrey a visit. He hadn’t seen her in a month. He’s noted how much she has changed in that one month. She can now pull herself up to standing. She has so much personality. Loves to laugh. She also does this really silly head shake when she gets really excited.

Tonight before putting her down to sleep after the dream feed. I held her for a little longer because I’m starting to realize she’s growing so fast and I just want to get as many cuddles as I can from her.


83/365: March 24, 2015

13 thoughts on “83/365: March 24, 2015

  1. Julie says:

    This is beautiful Zurry! I agree they grow way too fast, and I often just want to hit the pause button when seeing how big Chloé is getting! So happy your little one slept all night. It must have been the best feeling waking up in the morning! 🙂


  2. Aww lol what a cute photo 😍 I do the same. Even if Perry’s fallen asleep at the boob for the night sleep I’ll just let her sit and sleep for a bit longer before I pull her off. And before I go to bed I often find myself still staring at her sleeping just watching her grow! I have a funny feeling I’ll still be doing that when she’s 18 =\

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