92/265: April 02, 2015

I decided to take public transit to Toronto today. I need to time this better as Audrey has her morning nap from 9 – 11. So by the time I get downtown it’s about 12:30/1ish then I have to leave by 3ish. It’s just not enough time. What do I do? Should I just leave in the morning and let her take her nap in her stroller?

The 1 hour bus ride was not good – she was getting so fussy but the train ride home was lovely. We slept in the carrier on my chest and I feel asleep as well. So I was thinking of catching the 9am train into Toronto meaning she may miss a nap. Good idea? Bad idea?

Anyway, since it was a short visit. I had lunch with my brother and we went into Chinatown and we passed by one store that had boxes of Gai Lan (chinese broccoli), Spinach and Yu Choy (pictured below), all neatly packed away. I had to take a picture.


I took another flower pic today as CMGlimpse’s prompt today was Lily. We have these really pretty Lilies in the house so I had to take a picture.


92/265: April 02, 2015

4 thoughts on “92/265: April 02, 2015

  1. I love the pattern in the first picture. And the Lily is so beautiful. The yellow is so fresh and spring-like 🙂 I used to let my babe take naps out and about. Not all the time, as I needed a break and liked the routine of her being used to sleeping in her crib, but I would let her sleep in the car, stroller, or definitely in the carrier. I just couldn’t stand being tied to the house all day long. As I got closer to going back to work, I focussed more on her napping in her crib as I didn’t want that to be hard when she transitioned to daycare. Good luck with the train ride!


  2. I love the texture and pattern of the first shot. I say let her nap in the stroller, she’ll probably do just fine. And if you try it once and she’s miserable, you’ll know not to do it again. 🙂


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