98/365: April 08, 2015

Finding it difficult to stay motivated these days so I apologize about my pictures lately.

Anyway, today it was raining so I didn’t venture out.
April showers bring May Flowers right? 🙂 At least I have something to look forward to soon.



98/365: April 08, 2015

9 thoughts on “98/365: April 08, 2015

  1. Carol says:

    When I did a photography challenge a few years ago I found this time of year so hard and could hardly wait until the grass greened up and the flowers and blossoms started blooming. Then, the rest of the year was much easier – in the meantime, we won’t get tired of seeing pictures of your little girl!

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  2. Feel your pain, we had a spell of non stop rain, I was climbing the walls trying to figure out what to shoot, even found myself using different lamps and moving furniture to try and set up decent indoor lighting, even shot my daughters ceiling lamp one day lying on the bedroom floor ! x


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