107/365: April 17, 2015

It was such a gorgeous day today we were outside majority of the day! Poor Audrey is sick and has been very cranky all day (despite all the fresh air she got today) and wanted to be held majority of the time I didn’t take any photos during our walk. However, I did take some photos earlier.

Audrey has started to give kisses which is just about the cutest thing ever and I managed to get one of her giving kisses to her favourite friend.

Happy 9 months Audrey! Time has flown by. You can now clap your hands, give kisses, giggle and squeal in delight, pull yourself to standing (you especially love to do this in the bathtub – which is problematic). You are awesome at planking and you are one chatty little girl. I love you to the moon and back.


107/365: April 17, 2015

7 thoughts on “107/365: April 17, 2015

    1. haha. I noticed how many bunnies there were afterwards!
      I try to do a different theme each month – I realized afterwards I should have done something with “April Showers”. Ah well!


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