112/365: April 22, 2015

Another rainy day! It actually hailed today as I was about to leave. I said, “Nope! Staying in!” It’s as if the weather gods are playing a cruel joke. Everytime I get ready to step out it starts to rain! Happened yesterday and today.

Brendan worked from home today meaning he gets to leave work at a good time to see Audrey. (Work being the office and walking down to the living room. lol.) I looked over at the two of them and see them looking at each other and it was just about the cutest thing ever. I grabbed my camera but couldn’t get a good one. (I should really have my camera lying around on the right setting so I don’t have to fiddle too much.)

But here is the one I got. I thought the B/W conversion worked well for this. Not sure if it’s too dark. The coloured one is below. The colours are off because I couldn’t get the correct WB or exposure in time.

Which one do you prefer?



112/365: April 22, 2015

5 thoughts on “112/365: April 22, 2015

  1. I am usually a colour girl but I think both are great. They convey different feelings.
    I had a photographer friend tell me one day that she thinks, as a general rule, colour if for a subject and black and white is for emotions. Not sure I entirely agree especially as I feel the colour version gives a warmth and connection feeling. The black and white has created a gorgeous timeless image too.


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