138/365: May 18, 2015

I’m finding that now the weather is nicer – the 365 project is more enjoyable. Though I do find I spend less time taking photos but more time just enjoying the weather – enjoying Audrey as she’s at such a fun age right now.

Though today she had her first meltdown. We’re talking tears and screaming. She was trying to eat some flowers. I told her no the first time and she put it down. The second time I said no – she shook her head no and put it down. But the third time I had to say no and move her hand away and she just lost it!
The same thing happened during bath time as she was trying to stand while I was trying to get her to sit.

Anyway, since she was such a bear – I didn’t take too many photos of her. However, I was lucky and got a few this morning as the light was creeping through our bedroom window.


Daddy giving Audrey a much needed manicure.


138/365: May 18, 2015

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