164/365: June 13, 2015

We went over to the Toronto Islands to celebrate my friend’s bday. It was Audrey’s first time on a boat! She wasn’t too sure about it. I was actually getting a bit seasick. Do babies get seasick as well? Maybe she was feeling sick like me.

It was a fun day for Audrey as my nieces, Reese and Avery were also there. Along with my friend’s kids, Kennedy and Hartley.

I caught this really cute photo of Reese and Kennedy playing in the water by the beach.


I tried getting a reflection photo. I had to crop my original photo. What do you think?
I wish I pulled back a little more and took a landscape instead of a portrait orientation.


164/365: June 13, 2015

5 thoughts on “164/365: June 13, 2015

  1. Really love both shots, especially the composition on the reflection, you are so talented with your composition! What settings did you use for the second one, It looks like you focused on their legs, but the reflection is pretty sharp as well.


  2. Love the reflection! Beautiful shots. And babies absolutely do get seasick, I can tell you with certainty. I know this because Colton throws up the minute he gets on a boat, then is fine as soon as his feet hit dry land, unless he’s got Dramamine.


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