208/365: July 27, 2015

First day back at work. It’s challenging trying to get out the door for daycare for 7:30am. Even more challenging coming home to make dinner, feed Audrey, bathe Audrey, clean and make lunches. Luckily B and I have been preparing for this day and we have a good routine.

Though I am starting to run out of ideas on what to make for dinners. Looking for easy dinners that I can make a big batch the day before. Bonus if it’s toddler friendly! 🙂 I do this so that when I get home all I have to do is heat up the meal. Then I make next day’s dinner and this trend continues for the week. It works so well and is the only way I can get dinner on the table before Audrey gets cranky.

Anywho, some favourites from today:


Took a little stroll at lunch and found this sweet lunch spot. Lots of seating with lots of shade!


208/365: July 27, 2015

5 thoughts on “208/365: July 27, 2015

  1. Boo for being back at work, lovely photos, I can’t believe she’ll still let you change her on a change table. I love making a big egg plant lasagna, it lasts us a couple days, and I usually have enough sauce left to freeze and use with spaghetti squash later… or Catherine will just eat the sauce (I make it super chunky with lots of veggies and meat)

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    1. Audrey is going through a phase (or at least I hope it’s a phase) of not eating very much. 😦 She’ll eat all the carbs but spit out veggies and meat.


      1. Oh Catherine goes through those phases all the time, I use to stress when she would just refuse to eat and only wanted to have a bottle. Then she went through a phase where all she wanted was fruit and pancakes (which thankfully I make out of veggies), then it was an egg and tomato phase… it should pass.


  2. I love having freezer meals. Make ahead and then pop in the crock pot in the morning. Dinner ready when you get home from work. I would try and keep meals simple Mon-Friday and if you want a more complete meal go for the weekend when you have time to cook. All this said from a Mom who hasn’t had to work though…


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