01/366: January 1, 2016 – Happy New Year!

I thought I was doing really well with my 365 Project last year but unfortunately I had to stop the project early as working full time with a toddler while pregnant and doing major renovations was just too much for me. I was constantly tired and unmotivated so unfortunately my 365 Project went south.

It’s a new year and I figure I would have my 3rd go at my 365 project. The renovations are coming to an end soon (fingers crossed). We have officially moved out of the basement and back upstairs. I am in my third trimester of the pregnancy – so these next 3 months will be challenging but if I get through these first 3 months the rest of the year should hopefully be easier consider I will be on maternity leave.

Here is my first image of the year. My friend, Ariane, hosted a “Lazy New Year’s Day” Party and these two were just the cutest. It’s so nice seeing Audrey grow up with little ones her age.


01/366: January 1, 2016 – Happy New Year!

10 thoughts on “01/366: January 1, 2016 – Happy New Year!

  1. Oh Zurry that’s so exciting! I’m having my new little one in a couple of days, and while I have finished the project and have started this years, all my photos are still on my camera/phone, hopefully this year will be easier, I couldn’t imagine doing it with having to work too! Wow had she ever grown! Great photo 🙂


    1. Congrats again Jennifer! It’s going to be such a crazy but fun year to photograph! 😀 Is Catherine excited about being a big sister?
      I’m trying to teach Audrey about the baby – not sure if she understands. She’ll kiss my belly and say baby. But then she’ll pat my brother’s belly and say baby too. I think it means belly. haha.


      1. Congrats to you too! Oh for sure it is, I’m so looking forward to your photos this year 🙂 Aw Audrey is too cute, I’m not sure how much Catherine gets it, she knows my belly is baby Alice, and when we get to the Drs. office she always says “listen to Baby Alice” I think it helps that she just got a new cousin too.


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