DAY 102 -108/366: APRIL 11 – 17, 2016

Another week has come and gone. I’m finding it very busy and hard to keep up with all the house chores, personal chores, the kiddies and my husband, OH it’s also tax season. If you’d like to follow me daily – I am fairly good about posting daily on instagram @zurry.

April 11:
Syd’s one month photo (a day late)

Audrey’s hair is finally long enough for these cute pigtails!


April 12:

Syd’s little hands.


April 13:

A row of homes on my stroll today.


April 14:

The best sunlight can be found around dinnertime in the kitchen. Audrey loves to help us cook. Yes.. that’s mac and cheese. Don’t judge us! It’s just so yummy! 🙂 [Annie’s old chedder mac and cheese]


April 15:

Sweet cuddles with Dad.


April 16:
We spent the entire day outside!
We took a trip to the farm to see the lambs.
Then a little trip to the Brickworks and had one of the best dinners here at Cafe Belong.




April 17:

Another gorgeous day means another day spent wandering the city as a family.
Both B and I have never been to this neat park under the highway that runs through Toronto called Underpass Park.


DAY 102 -108/366: APRIL 11 – 17, 2016

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