DAY 109 -113/366: APRIL 18 – 22, 2016

April 18: I finally pulled these test tube racks out of storage. apr182016.jpgapr182016no3.jpgapr182016no2.jpg

April 19: Loving this moment I caught between AM & Syd.


April 20: Now with the weather warming up, I think we’re going to start going on these evening walks with AM to help expend her energy. Loving the golden hour!


April 21: Got a new plant this week. String of Pearls. It’s a type of succulent. So excited that I found this plant as it’s so hard to come by!


April 22: This is a view from my 2nd floor looking at my neighbour’s house. There is a cheeky robin making a nest right on their ledge. I took this at about 8am today by 5pm the nest already double in size! LOL.
Progress pictures to follow in the coming days 🙂


DAY 109 -113/366: APRIL 18 – 22, 2016

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