DAYS 123 – 130/366: May 02 – MAY 09, 2016

Day 123/366 – May 02, 2016:
Picture is SOOC.
Brendan straining some Kale. We have been making an effort to plan our meals around vegetables instead of the protein component and it’s been going really well. Do you have a favourite vegetable?


Day 124/366 – May 03, 2016:
Pretty lavender.


Day 125/366 – May 04, 2016:
I’m trying to find pockets of light in my house. My kitchen has the best light near the end of the day. Which is great as we spend a lot of time there these days as Audrey loves to help us cook.


Day 126/366 – May 05, 2016:
I am so fortunate to have two daughters in my life and even more fortunate that Audrey loves her baby sister (at least for now. :))


Day 127/366 – May 06, 2016:
I forget how sharp f/8 is when taking photos. I will be making more of an effort to use it!
These are clippings from my garden. 🙂 I am getting them inside before the darn squirrels eat them!


My husband brushing A’s hair in the morning. 🙂 He said he wants to get better at putting her hair in ponytails.


Day 128/366 – May 07, 2016:
This is one of the coolest bridges in Toronto. At night it lights up in different neon colours.


Day 129/366 – May 08, 2016:
A very Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there!

Yes.. we are wearing matching denim shirts.. I couldn’t resist! 😀may82016.jpg

Day 130/366 – May 09, 2016:

Late night/early morning snuggles.
We had a rough day – she wasn’t eating between the hours of 9 – 6pm and she was starting to get low blood sugar. I completely forgot about doing skin to skin. As soon as I did this she started to feed again. It’s amazing what the power of touch could do.
Snuggle your little ones! They sometimes needs it. 🙂

This is very grainy has I had very little light and it was shot at ISo 5000.


DAYS 123 – 130/366: May 02 – MAY 09, 2016

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