187/365: July 06, 2015

I had a little bit of time to myself today, so I decided to go to the west end of the city to try out an ice cream shop called Bang Bang Ice Cream which, apparently, makes amazing ice cream sandwiches. Unfortunately, the shop closes Mondays! I guess I will have to come back another day.

First time in a LONG time travelling the subway alone. It felt like I forgot my baby at home.


187/365: July 06, 2015

108/365 & 109/365: April 18 & 19, 2015

April 18, 2015

Brendan and I got to get away for a few hours last night to attend a good friend’s bday party for a much needed break. (Thank you In-laws! :))
I was going to leave my camera at home but decided to bring it and I was so glad I did! The sunset was beautiful last night on the drive down to Toronto. Not to mention the beautiful view of the Toronto skyline!


April 19, 2015

I didn’t take too many pictures today as Audrey and I were in the car most of the day today. So the only picture I took today (or good one) is one of Audrey sleeping in the car.


Also, wanted to post a picture of our current renovations.
This is looking into the master bedroom & ensuite bathroom. Can’t wait for the renovations to be finish! I’m so excited!


108/365 & 109/365: April 18 & 19, 2015

66/365: March 07, 2015

Thanks everyone for spending the time to comment on yesterdays’ blog. I do feel much better knowing that Audrey isn’t developmentally behind. She is scooting on her bum and pulling herself up to standing. I think she’ll skip the crawling stage altogether.

Today was the last day of swimming in Toronto for Audrey. So I wanted to spend sometime in the morning to wander around our neighbourhood. I miss being able to walk everywhere.

I took some pictures of Riverdale Park, which is fairly close to my house in Toronto. This is also where I grew up. I remember tobogganing down this hill in high school. (I still think this is the best toboggan hill in Toronto!) It also has a great view of the city. And that tiny diamond you in your bottom left is where we use to play softball in the summer.


In the background, you can see a slide in the pool. A bunch of us use to pool hop and go swimming at night. I just really liked the pop of colour from the slide.


I thought the picture of the chain link fence was pretty neat!

66/365: March 07, 2015

59/365: February 28, 2015

Last day of February. Wow. Time is flying by.
I went to visit my friend Gemma today – she lives in the Beaches area of Toronto and since the weather was nice today we went for a walk down by the Beach to check out the warming stations.

There are 5 in total but these are my favourite two. My favourite being the snow-cone one with the colourful plexi glass.


A close up of the structure:


Inside the snow cone


The swings.
The swings are made of seatbelt material.


59/365: February 28, 2015

40/365: February 9, 2015

I was starting to get cabin fever so I really wanted to get out of the house today. It’s especially important this week, since it’s my last week in Toronto before I move up to Markham for the next three months. I plan on getting out every single day this week.

Today’s CMGlimpse prompt is “Love” and I immediately thought of this art installation in Toronto’s Distillery District. I am a huge fan of this installation.

It’s basically a big sign that says “Love with a heart” next to it and you “lock” your love onto the art piece. Similar concept to that of the lock bridges in Paris and Florence.

I had a picture in my mind that I wanted to take but turns out my lens is not wide enough, but I ended up getting this photo and I’m pretty happy with it. I plan on coming back in spring or summer with Brendan so I can put a lock on for us. 🙂


Here is what the installation looks like. It is constructed out of steel, steel mesh and reclaimed lumber.

Here are the instructions given on the sign:
1. Initial (the lock)
2. Lock
3. Kiss (your partner)
4. Toss the key
5. Share #DistilleryLove


40/365: February 9, 2015